I Got Soul - Blaxploitation Mood (CD)

I Got Soul - Blaxploitation Mood (CD)

Playoff Records

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The 70's follow the troubled period of the civil rights movement and the struggle against segregation. The Afro-American community is searching for new heroes, some they found in music and cinema.

I Got Soul Ì_Ì_åÈÌ_è Ì__Ì_‰Û_Ì__Ì__ Blaxploitation Mood Ì_Ì_åÈÌ_è Ì__Ì_‰Û_Ì___is the first Soul Music compilation from 'Playoff Records'. Inspired by the Blaxploitation movies, the aim is to showcase tracks taken from these films, as well as other lesser known ones that could easily feature in any movie soundtrack.

Label: Playoff Records