Human Emotion -Jex Opolis    (Hi-Fi house -LTD copies only )

Human Emotion -Jex Opolis (Hi-Fi house -LTD copies only )

Good Timin'

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Brooklyn-based DJ and producer Jex Opolis flexes his club-ready chops with 'Human Emotion', a deep yet shimmering house ballad forthcoming on his own Good Timin Records. Jex Opolis on his new single: "The record is certainly my most personal to date, mainly because my vocals are all over it! I hope it’s a bit punchier and more immediate than my other releases, which sort of tiptoes the line between Steely Dan, Wally Badarou and like, Ben Liebrand or something.” 1 Human Emotion (TV Dub) 2 Fifth Wind 3 Botanico 4 Infinity Room 5 Human Emotion
Label: Good Timin'