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Hot Chocolate Gwen Mcrae -Heavens In The Backseat Of My Cadillac]

For Discos Only

  • $29.00

Promo's, edits, mega-mixes, the record pools, white labels, acetates, reel to reels. All of the above were the weapons of choice for the disc jockey's of yesteryear, utilising these tools helped various luminaries pave the way for where we are today on the modern dance-floor. Those 'secret' mixes, 'private' versions and edits of the hottest Disco jams that only the select few had access to could make or break a DJ's reputation in the clubs and on the streets. It is within this world that the For Discos Only label operates, sourcing the finest underground edits and mixes for the Discotheques. We carefully hand pick and dig for obscure or forgotten versions of the best tracks that may have been previously out of reach for the majority, inviting the hottest editors and mixers to open up their archives and share their secret weapons with us all via the medium of the 12" record.

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Label: For Discos Only