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Héctor OaksCoco-Paloma- No Hay Mañana


  • $28.00

Hector Oaks and Coco-Paloma bring forth a unique collaboration. Different backgrounds but a shared love for electronic music. With the help of CLUBQU, an innovative Label born in Berlin during the first lockdown, their paths crossed at a music studio in what once was Berlins airport. As the daughter of an opera singer Coco-Paloma grew up internationally, amidst chaos and music. Her lyrics reflect existentialism and a bittersweet melancholy. Dramatic, yet always a hint of hope. Defiant of any genre, Hector Oaks daring production breaks boundaries. Showcasing a variety of rhythms, tempos and intensities that converges with Coco-Paloma's poetry, into the future without forgetting lessons of the past. If there is no tomorrow, why would you act the same?

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