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Gropina -Microcosmo


  • $32.00

After his debut "Mare Aperto", Amsterdam-based Gropina returns to the light with a four tracks 12” EP out on Paesaggi Records. “Microcosmo” is a synth melody with a slow-rolling Roland 606 drum-machine rhythm, Quena flute by Hamburg saxophonist Linus Kleinlosen, ambient pads, and natural field recordings. The atmosphere of the song brings you into a dewdrop in a blade of grass in the early morning hours right after the twilight of a sunny day. Following we fade into a dreamy dancefloor jam called “Awumbuk” where bittersweet chords are backed with a Yamaha RX5 rhythm, a groovy FM baseline from a Yamaha DX100, and Roland D50 Lush pads. On the flip, we can find an adventurous downtempo break jam called “Natura Naturans” marked by trance-y elements, a solid bassline, and an evocative flute melody. The journey ends with “Omen” which is a dark slow jam characterized by a live processed drum machine groove with a hint of wave influence and a metaphysical vibe to it.

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Label: Paesaggi