Generation 83 -Bellissimo (ITALO DISCO !!

Italien Records

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Bio: After few years working in the Fashion field, Ricky Persi joined back Expanded Music (MO-DO, RAMIREZ, GLAM, BAMBAATAA, SANTOS, FLOORFILLA) were in the 90's Ricky drived DFC label for wich he produced so many Hits and Cults (SUENO LATINO, HAZME SONAR, LA MUSIKA TREMENDA, HABLANDO, EL GALLINERO, HELL'S PARTY, THE KEY THE SECRET....just to mention few) to give a new life to Expanded Music's first label: ITALIAN RECORDS. ITALIAN RECORDS has been the most original label for it's roots in the 80's New Wave scene with groups like GAZNEVADA, NEON, KIRLIAN CAMERA, N.O.I.A. all involved in the SYNTH-WAVE and precursors of the ITALO DISCO. ITALIAN RECORDS is now back spinning new productions along with its original tracks. Info: We're proud to introduce you to the first release for the new phase of the classic Italian Records label, home in the Eighties to lot of seminal stuff by cult bands like Gaznevada, Stupid Set, N.O.I.A. Kirlian Camera and Confusional Quartet. Who best than two italian DJ legends like Leo Mas and Fabrice for this joint venture that goes back to the times of italo-disco and high-energy Leo and Fabrice are devastating the mix with Generation 83 "Bellissimo", a club track that keeps alive the old-skool spirit while speaking the language of contemporary dance music. This is hot and lot more is coming, stay in touch
Label: Italien Records