Further Afield by Alex Albrecht pres. Melquíades


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Tracklist: A1. Denver Chimes A2. Upstate Dream B1. Further Afield B2. Sprinkler Under the moniker Melquiades, Australia’s Alex Albrecht has released music for Scissor & Thread and his own Analogue Attic Recordings imprint - to great acclaim. His sound emanates in improvisations from the deeper fringes of dance and electronic. Able to find a jazzy quality in the sounds of the natural world, his subtle blend of ambient, electronica, and deep house has a nineties ethereal element. His first release on Bouquet., “Further Afield” took field recordings from his recent time of the road. Introspective reveries blend with percussive feelings of movement. Mesmerizing meditations inflected with his signature tendency to improvise, the record is the result of his deep connection with his surroundings as he traveled with receptivity to the influence of the environment on his mind. A1. “Denver Chimes” is built on a walk through the suburbs and the sound of chimes hanging next to a tire swing. But the macro view of that scene is the backdrop of the Rockies, and the end-of-tour feelings knowing you are about to board a plane home. A2. Born in a thunderstorm followed by dense humidity neat Storm King in New York, “Upstate Dream” is inspired by the experience watching it roll through the gorge and over the sculptures, moments before a torrential rain. But the track closes with the sonic images of sitting by the river as the sun re-emerges after the downpour. B1. “Further Afield” is titled after Günter Grass's political novel, “Too Far Afield.” Melquiades’ weeks in Berlin playing shows form the idea behind the track’s cascading layers. B2. “Sprinkler” closes the EP inspired by recollections of summer festivals in Victoria mixed with flashes of memory of Australian Bush scenes. Like the other offerings of the record, it is the memories of Melquiades’ home through the diffused haze of surrealness, mixed with the excited energy that comes from life on the road.

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Label: Bouquet.