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Fred Everything -L'Art de la Retenue EP


  • $29.00

Madhouse Records returns with a new EP from Fred Everything, entitled ‘L’Art de la Retenue’ and featuring three originals from the Quebecois artist. Montreal, Canada based Fred Everything is a stable in the contemporary deep house scene, with a back catalogue boasting material on the likes of 2020 Vision, Freerange, Local Talk and Drumpoet Community as well as helming his own Lazy Days Recordings for the past decade and a half. Here Fred joins the roster of Madhouse Records with his latest collection of soul infused house cuts. ‘Paradiso Petrudo’ leads, laying down a raw, swinging drum groove, crunchy bass stabs and a circling filtered chord sequence throughout while the latter stages ease in an airy resonant synth line and hazy atmospheric vocal chants.

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Label: Madhouse