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Fitness Club -Intimate Fitness

Love Above Records

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Fitness Club is the dance-floor focused alias of Melbourne's Sinj Clarke and Berlin-based Ziggy Zeitgeist (Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange & 30/70 Collective). The original concept being an amalgamation of humans and techno machines, the duo have quickly begun carving out a sound for the underground, exploring the depths of house, techno and nu-jazz. Intimate Fitness by Fitness Club is the end result of a year long international creative partnership. A long-distance alliance creating a sound that has proven as unique as its creators. This 5-track EP delivers a diverse range of sounds that carefully curate the sonic landscape that is Intimate Fitness - a sophisticated and sexy auditory experience that appeals to the discerning home listener and nocturnal ravers alike 1. Push 2. Fitness Club 3. Tribal feat. ZIMA 4. Crunch 5. Lunge (Bonus Track)

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Label: Love Above Records