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Felipe Gordon -Keepin’ It Jazz EP

Shall Not Fade

  • $28.00

Established and loved member of the Shall Not Fade Family, Felipe Gordon turns up the jazz influence on a fresh new EP for the label. The producer and multi-instrumentalist based in Colombia is known for his complex compositions and infectious beats, and Keepin’ It Jazz does not disappoint. The record kicks off with ‘Analog Only’ - a highly textural beat forms the core of this bass-heavy groover that cruises along at a laid back pace, drawing the listener further in. Similarly gentle but hypnotic, ‘Continuous Develop’ has the heady ambience of the chillout room, but Gordon brings in his intricate dreamy instrumentation and acid hints to great effect. The second half centres a tasty bass solo that will get all heads nodding along. The title track is the chunkiest of house rhythms paired with delicate jazzy piano, a gliding summer party anthem. ‘Looking At Your Reflection In The Water’ is artful, perfectly emotive and gently rising like a tide from poolside piano into a hip-moving danceable pulse. The record closes out to ‘What You Say?’; funky house with attitude, a rude bassline and heavy swagger.

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Label: Shall Not Fade