Fédia Laguerre -Divizion   (Originally released in 1981 French afro-collective !!  BIG TIP!!

Fédia Laguerre -Divizion (Originally released in 1981 French afro-collective !! BIG TIP!!

Atangana Records

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Founded in 2018 by DJ and producer Deni-Shain - the man behind acclaimed compilations Space Echo and Pop Makossa -, Atangana Records is the logical follow-up to more than 20 years of travels, constantly on the lookout for new artists and music around the world. As a tropicalist globetrotter', in this new project Deni-Shain, in partnership with Thomas Vicente, co-owner of the French restaurant Le Verre Volé', aims to dig, reproduce & transmit cross-cultural music, usually unreachable and/or less known by the public. The goal is simple: share the love of music and to rediscover the pleasure of voicings, percussions and sadly forgotten harmonies, whether you find yourself in a jam packed club or the intimacy of your home. Atangana's first releases will be looking at the Caribbean's Islands, especially into Haiti with the reissue - highly expected by various diggers - of the acclaimed single « Divizion » by singer Fédia Laguerre. Originally released in 1981, this first 12" comes with a remix by Voilaaa and an instrumental cut exclusively based on the additional work by the French afro-collective.
Label: Atangana Records