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E00 - Peace & Tranquility

Radiant Love

  • $26.00

Two years ago, the Paris-based producer and DJ E00 released an EP called Do Not Visit The Club. It’s a cheeky title for this artist’s output of dreamy, driving, floor-stirring work—however, in 2020, it bears an entirely different reading. Today, we simply and definitively do not visit the club—the ethics of sharing sweat, spit and space have radically shifted. We miss it for the social effervescence, for the bullshit, most of all for the dancing—which begs the question: what does it mean to release dance music in this moment? To listen to tracks and dance in one’s kitchen is an act of memorial, and although a bit mournful, is also a kind of spiritual respiration: we need it. Rightfully so, E00’s drop on Radiant Love, coming out on the tail-end of this nightmarish year, is titled Peace & Tranquility.

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Label: Radiant Love