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DJ Herrtstring - Eternal Euphoria

1Ø Pills Mate

  • $28.00

Cardiovascular tugging, euro-dance energy from Berlin based DJ HEARTSTRING on 1Ø PILLS MATE; for the lovers, the listeners and the trancers. Uniting the worlds of donk, euro-dance, trance and techno, the emerging producer is less concerned with opinions of the chin-stroking purists and more concerned with fun - crafting sensual and infectious pop-techno bangers that have fun firmly on the menu. ‘LOST IN EMOTION’ begins with a deep, heads down approach, lending influence from the pop melodies of artists such as Marlon Hoffstadt and his Midnight Themes label but with a headsy, underground appeal. ‘IN DER NACHT’ follows in similar passion - inspiring images of that club scene from Blade - a vampirish, dark and distinctly Berlin twist on the typical trance aesthetic.

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Label: 1Ø Pills Mate