DJ Harrison - HazyMoods (LP)

DJ Harrison - HazyMoods (LP)

Stones Throw Records

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Stones Throw taking it back to its roots with this one with a pure beat tape of hip hop bangers, something that you would expect someone like Madlib or Oh No to drop (where they at?).

Looks like DJ Harrison had a few projects before this one, but I never heard of him before Stones Throw snatched him up. I have to say that he fits right in with the label, really lots of in common with Knxwledge for example with this sort of post-Dilla, post-FlyLo sound. It's really heavy, I have been fiendin' for that headnod shit and it's some of it right here. Recommended to all beat heads, trust me you won't be disappointed with this one!

Label: Stones Throw Records