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Dj Crisps -No Dirty Money EP

Time Is Now

  • $26.00

Hailing from Rotterdam, DJ Crisps returns to Time Is Now with another hot and heavy four tracker, teasing experimental genre play on the newest addition to his fast-growing discography. This exciting collection of modern garage reinventions is not to be missed. No Dirty Money EP showcases DJ Crisps' clever production style, a mix of drama and fun; "Don't Need No Dirty Money" kicks the record off with staccato minimalist percs that have a metallic edge, effervescent vocal samples contrasting the momentous sub bass. "Dynamic Reflections" creates an icier soundscape, juxtaposed arpeggios echoing each other across a calm, deep bassline and cavernous pads - gentle, but still alive and kicking. Lazy sax and ghostly pads open the expansive B side; "Release the Pain" then flips the energy with a Niche style bassline and cheeky garage synths. The jazz samples remain to create a real fusion sound. To end, "Sweet Melodies" pairs dirty garage with funk n soul, chopped up vocals and a classic James Brown sample making this high energy track even more vibrant - a joyous end to the EP

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Label: Time Is Now