DJ Bigspin - Woody Woodpeckham EP [Yellow Vinyl] House jam,**

Running Out of Steam

  • $28.00

French DJ // producer ​DJ Bigspin​ releases his debut full 12” EP for ​Running Out of Steam​, serving up 5 cuts of nostalgic, feel good house music. Scene newcomer ​DJ Bigspin ​marks his first full vinyl outing with a bang!​ ‘​Woody Woodpeckham’ is everything you could wish for in a debut twelve - dreamy keys, scorching acid basslines and crunchy drum sequences. EP opener ‘Billyboy’ is a warm slice of tranquility, floating keys dance gracefully with weighty drum hits and mesmerising acid riffs. ‘Brain Escape’ featuring ​DJ Physical ​blends ambient soundscapes with dusty drums and mellow guitar licks, creating a hybrid masterpiece. ‘Stay Cosy’ is a pulsating roller, warming basslines merge with marching percussion and DJ Bigspin’s signature piano pads. EP title track ‘Woody Woodpeckham’ takes feel good, euphoric synth lines and clean crisp drums, creating a future dance anthem. Bigspin ends his debut twelve with ‘Bigboy Pants’, a dusty House jam, with maximum impact.
Label: Running Out of Steam