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Dawn Again -Enjoyment Division 002

Enjoyment Division

  • $24.00

A collection of house music from Melbourne. Written from 2020-21, mostly in the midst of lots of lockdowns - some funner than others. A weird year for all. I enjoyed the time i had to make tunes, but missed the clubs, dancefloors & kick on's that a lot of my music is influenced by. I still managed to scratch the itch when i needed to. Inspiried by Melbourne, lockdown parties, good friends, good music, good records, good mixes and good times. I wanted to push a few different things with this release, namely working with some other artists: rapper - Nelson Dialect & saxphonist - Lochie Thompson. Then on the B-side a slightly more tech-ier sound than my usual output. Big thanks to Nelson, Lochie, Corey Kikos for mastering and Zenith Records in Brunswick for pressing it.

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Label: Enjoyment Division