Data  -Could You Find Your Analog Mind  (killer  Synth-pop LP )

Data -Could You Find Your Analog Mind (killer Synth-pop LP )

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DATA Tracks LP where we issued six previously unreleased tracks of group DATA, we thought that we have done everything we could in order to bring you some great unknown music of this group. Hope that we will find more material one day was still present, but we could hardly believe it will ever happen. What a misapprehension! It turned out that old, mysterious 80's Belgrade with amazing people and their wondrous destinies has a lot more to say. We will never forget one afternoon meeting with these artists which was a starting point and a clue for the further investigation. As it happens in a fairy tales and quests for the lost treasure, after lot of wondering, finally the luck came on our side. We met Nikolaj Bezek, an important contributor for the whole 80's Belgrade scene in whose home studio Max&Intro, Sizike, DATA, Master Scratch Band made their first recordings. Nikolaj's passion for music and love and respect for his two friends - artists Zoran Jevtic and Zoran Vracevic didn't allow him to destroy their old recordings, made more than 30 years ago. It seems like he believed in them more than they believed in themselves. Digging, exploring, restoration and mastering these old recordings that came right after were pretty challenging too, but incredibly exciting. Nikolaj was with us, as he had been with Jevtic and Vracevic 30 years ago. Finally, as an outcome, the new release is born: DATA-Could You Find Your Analog Mind ,LP compilation with 12 previously unreleased tracks of group DATA made between 1981 and 1984. The record represents an important and comprehensive musical testimony of early Belgrade's electronic scene made by two pioneers Zoran Jevtic and Zoran Vracevic. It shows both Jevtic and Vracevic as pioneers of remixing and editing as well as composers of early Yugoslavian synth pop made under influence of Japanese scene!
Label: Profile Music Vinyl Specialists