Daphni -Sizzling EP [re-working of the 1981 track ‘Sizzlin’ Hot’ four-track EP. !!


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Led by a re-working of the 1981 track ‘Sizzlin’ Hot’ by Bermudan band Paradise, producer and musician Dan Snaith (a.k.a. Caribou) revives his lesser-known Daphni moniker for this new four-track EP. Featuring ‘Sizzling’ plus three other newbies, it’s released on Snaith’s own Jiaolong label. Tracklist 01. Daphni feat. Paradise - Sizzling 02. If 03. Romeo 04. Just 05. Daphni feat. Paradise - Sizzling (Radio Edit)


A Side

1. "Sizzling" - Daphni Feat. Paradise

2. Unknown


B Side

3. Unknown

4. Unknown

Label: Jiaolong