Crazy P - Hotbath Re-edits Vol.1

Crazy P - Hotbath Re-edits Vol.1

Hot Bath Edits

  • $22.00

Reissue of the much sought after Hotbath edit series from Crazy P. Hotbath Edits Vol.1 kicks off with a rather tasty re-work of a familiar NYC disco record which uses only the beat and vocal of the original with some very tasty musical elements added.
Backing that up is the equally juicy edit which works that groove and takes it straight to the dancefloor.

Changing tack for the flip we have a re-work with original elements of the acoustic guitar and the vocals are bolstered with live beats, bass, strings and brass to give a truly uplifting mix. Finally look out for the curveball edit of a certain Neptunes penned pop hit to round off this killer package!


Label: Hot Bath Edits