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Cortese - Time Is Now White Vol.5

Time Is Now White

  • $26.00

Carrying on a new white label series of killer garage cuts, Bristol's Time Is Now have hand-picked British duo Cortese for their next installment. Expect playful, niche-inspired garage sounds with a unique touch of modernism. The EP opens with "Abbey Park"; a glistening neo speed-garage track with delicate synth chords dancing over the cavernous slow attack bassline. It purrs into the squelchy bassline style "Where You At", that compliments upbeat piano stabs with autotuned vocals. "Floaty" uses an iconic Aaliyah vocal chops, dancing around a chunky El-B inspired snare. This one has a melancholic breakdown which is perfect for a dancefloor breather, before the growling bassline is reintroduced to devastating effect. A collaboration with Brighton-based DJ Movement, "Things That Make You Go 'Hmm'" is pure bassline garage energy let loose in a furore of bass patches in a moodier track that still doesn't take itself too seriously. Closing out, "Figure 1" brings a searing synth melody which complements another rolling bassline. The understated drums make excellent use of a syncopated kick pattern whilst diva vocals chime along in the background.

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Label: Time Is Now White