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Bonzai All Stars -Poncho Girl

Bonzai Classics

  • $46.00

(DJ Ghost, Santini & Quatretemps, O.R.B. remixes) Bonzai All Stars shake off the lockdown blues to deliver their latest nu rave classic – Poncho Girl, on Bonzai Classics, which comes backed up with three top-notch remixes. Christian Pieters aka DJ Fly and Laurent Véronnez are the creative minds behind this BAS production. With the nu rave classic sound gathering momentum, we keep it old school with a cut onto glorious vinyl for the die-hards out there 1. "Poncho Girl" 2. "Poncho Girl" (DJ Ghost remix) Side 2 1. "Poncho Girl" (Santini & Quatretemps remix) 2. "Poncho Girl" (ORB remix)

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Label: Bonzai Classics