Bartholomew Kind - Breaks 'N' Pieces Vol.7 ** [absolutely Killer !! Release Date: March!!

Breaks 'N' Pieces

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London based newcomer Bartholomew Kind combines deep emotion with disjointed rhythms on his debut release. Breaks 'N' Pieces Vol.7 opens with the sparse, emotive drum & bass of Memento while Sweetheart follows suit with rolling drum breaks lined with melancholic pads & yearning vocal samples. Sapien Beat takes the tempo down to a 2-step rhythm without compromising on poignancy. Opening the flip, Would You Do That To Me morphs from a halftime dancehall-inspired stepper into tearout jungle. The breaks continue on the UK hardcore influenced Feelz while Get Well Soon is a minimal, atmospheric builder closing the record with a message of hope.
Label: Breaks 'N' Pieces