Asquith -Love Is A Mystery EP [some piano vibes, heavy techno & breakbeats, {Massive} **


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Asquith is back with a sixth release on his self-titled imprint, turning up the love dial for some piano vibes, heavy techno and cat cuddling on the home ravin' 'Love Is A Mystery'. The title track is an ode to the aching mysteries of love. A nostalgic piano loop riffs along with those signature power drums and breakbeats, sounding like the ghost of a memory of the 5am rave. Lost in the synergy of two feelings, love and euphoria. This is followed by the heavy, fast, cannon-techno of 'Risk It All'. Drawing from the current Lobster Theremin stable of influences with it's ecstatic pads and pitched up trance-flecked vocals. All 90's introspection with a dash of purpose and poise in its melodic quality. The flip-side sees a semi-rerun of two tracks that reared their heads earlier in the year. 'Let Me Thunder Mix)' gets an even harder tweaked remaster, sounding a touch fresher and deeper than before with its rollicking take on the original taking the track's intensity up a notch. Finally we have 'Return Of Mountain Dad', a nod to Asquith's sometime house alias but in deadly rave form, which appeared on a digi-only Who's Susan compilation in the Spring. The track takes DJ MD influences and adds the Asquith warehouse touch with a dash of gnarly-ness. Think Venom rather than Spiderman, and swap the rhodes for a super-saw synth!
Label: Asquith