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Anzac Bridge Filter by Morgan Huggins


  • $30.00

Morgan created Anzac Bridge Filter over the last two years, as he reconnected the city where he grew up, and where he now lives. It’s named after his favourite bridge, which he’s spent many hours traversing (both physically and mentally), matched with the filter on his favourite synthesiser. "For me it is nostalgic, happy and sad all at once. These songs were written with the hope of reminding people that life is beautiful when they forget, as so many other songs have done for me. If “crying on the dancefloor” were a genre, I would pick that one. For the most part, this record was finished in various small town libraries up and down the East Coast of Australia as I travelled and camped by myself at the start of 2020. The bushfires were still very much burning, and everywhere you went you could taste the smoke, and see freshly burnt houses, yet everywhere I went people smiled at each other as they walked down the street. I would particularly like to thank the librarians who were undoubtedly confused by my presence,” - Morgan.

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Label: Lovejoy