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Anetha / Sugar / ABSL - Don't Rush To Grow Up

Mama Told Ya

  • $32.00

For the first release, Anetha is inviting the talented Sugar from Fast Forward Productions based in Copenhagen, and her good friend ABSL from Paris. MTY 001 features two original tracks produced by Sugar and ABSL themselves, and two other ones co-produced with Anetha. More than just “club ready” productions, every track is built like a story that you can also enjoy peacefully at home. Each piece is long enough to allow you to go through different states of feeling, atmospheres, and even be surprised by the evolution and new elements of the tracks. In the A1 « Et le soleil ne vint pas » by ABSL, a tension is created and evolves for several minutes with a sustained and crunchy rhythm that keeps the listener in suspense. Later, the emergence of a dazzling and sparkling melody come to break this infernal cadence and give some space and light. In the end, darkness definitely takes over to crush the last ray of sunshine. ABSL & Anetha blends hypnotic moment and percussive techno drums in the A2 called “Elles”. The heady and repetitive voice plays a leading role between the different parts and finally gives way to let smooth and evocative synths appear. Minds and bodies can feel soothed and enveloped by the softness of the sounds… A perfect way to finish a set. During Sugar’s B1 « Vapouring sun », you can experience at the first notes that something epic and intense awaits you. The track is built with a deep rhythm, some shamanic breathing and outrageous chord progression that make the track feel engineered for special moments only. Please, make sure this is the right time and place to play it! Last but not least, B2 « Candy from strangers » track is a fresh and colourful collaborative track by Sugar & Anetha in which many layers reflect the personalities of the two producers. Sometimes techno, with striking synthesizers and energetic drums, but also trancy with an evolving and singular melody. Very fun and pleasant to play – you’ll see :) The collaborative spirit reflects and animates the graphic part of the label as well. In order to inaugurate the first cover, Anetha invited the talented Helin Sahin who produced a magnificent futuristic piece of art. A precious and organic image that plays with perspective, space and matter. For the graphic identity, Mama told ya partnered with the great Diplomatie Studio team based in Paris.

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Label: Mama Told Ya