Andy Garvey -Eternal Recurrence (four track debut EP classic banger !! TIP!!

Lobster Theremin

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Andy Garvey finally breaks cover after years of honing her cyber-tinged production edge with a hefty four track debut EP for the Lobster Theremin main label. Having developed her selections and style via her staple Pure Space show for Aussie radio station Triple J - as well as finding time to co-head the Nectar booking agency and event series - Garvey's debut is a solid reflection of that journey and the core sound of the platforms she helms. Eternal Recurrence is a classic banger on the A1. Forming an intersection between acid, breaks and a rolling & scuffed modern deep house sound that was established early in the Lobster catalogue. It's been track ID'd at every turn, as well as featuring in a slurry of Lobster mixes and Mall Grab's BBC Radio Essential mix. A subtle peak-time weapon. We then drift into the melodic acid & pads of Infinity. A blast of fuzzy 808 thumping under a carpet of melodic textures and brooding soundscapes. Serious emotional acid bizz this. Meta Physical breaks and thumps along with a slow melancholy line that emerges and submerges. Circuits crackle and wail; the ghost of perished AI call out from the dark; a lost, lonely electroid bot longs for real emotions and a place to call home. Finishing up is the tough as a nut Protovision. A shot of speedy VR-acid electro direct to the skull. Hammering 808's and gnarly semi-tone eighth rhythms chunter to a drive-time rhythms. A midnight chase towards a future megacity, all set in glowing neon and the blackest black.
Label: Lobster Theremin