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The 18th segment of Haŵs’ sonic anthology comes from a hot piece of artistic talent you will know as Anderson. The US-born producer featured on the labels Viral Syndicate digital compilation series back in 2020, and they’ve had him in the crosshairs for a full release ever since. Unsurprisingly, Anseron’s output has been prolific in the last two years, breeding fire for labels such as the force-majeure ‘Wex’, as well as Day By Day and Tresydos. The A1, ‘Sunbeam’, is a new mix of the track originally released in 2020. It has been revisited and refined but the core remains the brilliant same; dynamic prog littered with acid squelches, iconic jungle samples and beautifully arpeggiated keys perforating the backdrop as the new sun rises. ‘It’s Time’ is your reminder to attend the party. Classic intoxicating house with crunchy breaks and doofing kicks. A vocal that never gets old, and is also a mantric verbal formula. Dance, chant and live by the words of the 90s.

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Label: Haŵs