Adam Stromstedt - Crab Shack (Limited Vinyl Only) Limited press !! BIG TIP!!

Buxton Records

  • $24.00

Outstanding and very limited minimal dub release. Buxton Records four-track vinyl-only release from Sydney-based Adam Stromstedt will be the Swedish expats first appearance on the imprint. The diversity of Adams musical output culminates in the >Crab Shack< EP. showcasing minimal dub with an eclectic array of influences such as oldschool house to acid and techno. Not unlike a place where one would feast on crustaceans. this EP is quirky. yet warm and comforting – providing food for the soul in its truest sense. 180G and amazing artwork. Opener Crab Shack shows an eccentric, house-infused introduction — random smatterings of bleeps, eerie vocals and flurries of jazz organs interject against a bouncy, rolling bassline. Just like its namesake the Swedish mulled wine, Glogg is warm, spicy and has just the right amount of sweetness; it’s an uptempo groover that would certainly heat up any dancefloor. On the flipside, Monsanto is an acid-inflicted house stomper that is juxtaposed with soft, dreamy keys throughout. The off-kilter, minimal slow burn of Glocci treads steadily and re-energises after a jazzinspired breakdown.
Label: Buxton Records