Aaron Broomfield -Boomerang  (Miami disco-funk  BIG TIP!

Aaron Broomfield -Boomerang (Miami disco-funk BIG TIP!

Crown Ruler

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Boomerang' was first recorded in 1979, when the Broomfield Corporate Jam leader was attempting to plot a solo career. It was the first cut Aaron Broomfield recorded under his own name - Initially, at the family band's home studio, Kilimanjaro, and later at professional studios in L.A and Miami - but it was never released. 'I always wanted to be able to share 'Boomerang' with my fans some day - I didn't release it back then because I thought the time wasn't right,' Broomfield explains. 'It was so different to what was considered commercial then and felt ahead of its time.' Before deciding against releasing it, Broomfield had two test pressings made. It was the accidental discovery of the one remaining record by digger Arun Brown (the other perished when Broomfield's Kilimanjaro studio was damaged by a fire in 1996) that set in motion the chain of events that finally led to its release.
Label: Crown Ruler