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About Profile Music



Profile Music has been part of Melbourne's music scene for a million years (actually just over 10). When Rhythm and Soul closed its doors during the Great Vinyl Depression (we were the ones that were depressed), we put logic (and financial success) to one side and established Profile Music as we just felt it was wrong to give up on our beloved wax. Instead we chose to keep vinyl alive and kicking while everyone else was busy pirating MP3s and generally killing the music business. 

That doesn't mean we're digital haters, we love our CD's and our Spotify, but what really gets us excited is limited edition, hard to find vinyl with a specific focus on the working DJ and lovers of dance and mood music everywhere.

Now vinyl seems to be cool again, but that doesn't mean we're planning on selling-out and stocking whatever's hot right now. We remain committed to hard-to-find, underground records.

So, fair warning, you won't find a lot of Pop and Rock (or "cheese" as Steve lovingly refers to it), but what you will find is the country's (we would argue the world's) most exclusive, hand-picked assembly of House, Techno, Jungle, Beats, Ambient, Disco, Funk, Soul, Boogie, Italo, Electro and Synthpop records and CDs.

That doesn't mean that you won't find some of the world's most loved dance tunes, we've got stone-cold disco, house and funk represses and originals that even your Nan will know. 

Worried about feeling like you're not welcome? Relax! We're not music snobs. We pride ourselves on welcoming everyone who walks through the door and love guiding people to new corners of the music world - underground, limited edition vinyl only releases that you can be confident won't be being played over the PA next time you walk through a shopping centre.

If you can't find what you need, sign-up to our newsletter or email us telling us a bit about what you like and our "human recommendation engine" will hook you up with some top-notch tunes.

We've got customer all over the country (the world even) and there's a lot of you who can't make it down to our store in Prahran, so we created this site just for you. 

Better still, see us at Greville Street.

147 Greville Street, Prahran
P: +61 3 9510 1133