Various Artists - Butter Notes 1 [BUTTER001] re-issue. limited Copies Only **

Ba Dum Tish

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Eight slices of balls-to-the-walls Baltimore Breaks receiving their first vinyl re-issue. A1: Kotton The Cutie - I Just Wanna A2: Mz Thang - Bang That Pussy A3: Mz Thang - Shake Ya Dick A4: Ms Mocha - Not The Boss B1: Mz Thang - Clit Control B2: Menage A Trois - Funky 69 B3: Kotton The Cutie - Baby Fathers B4: Lady Shaunda - Stuck Ba Dum Tish always pays out artists and this re-issue is no exception. 1/3 of profits will be donated to We Believe In Music, a Baltimore-based music charity providing opportunities for children (who would otherwise have no access to music education) to learn Ableton and composition techniques.
Label: Ba Dum Tish