The Zenobi3 -Interstellar (NCFM 02)  [brilliant  !!!!!

The Zenobi3 -Interstellar (NCFM 02) [brilliant !!!!!

Redsonja Records

  • $25.00

NCFM is where Joaquin B. Lapeña displays his most radical activist spirit, under "The Zenobit3" moniker. On this second installment of the NCFM trilogy, The Zenobit3 invites us to board his starship in order to take us on an interstellar journey through all corners of the Universe, entering the darkest zones whilst crossing through the sparkles of once brilliant stars. 'Defend your Values', it's a clean track with a crisp mix, where evolving pads finely weaved with the deep bass stand out. A lively build up based on a constant beat goes straight to the deepest layers of the soul, 100% Zenobit3 style. Interstellar is the climax of the trip, the final instant of the cosmic experiences just lived. It fills our bodies with emotion through epic melodies that operate like doses of encapsulated faith.
Label: Redsonja Records