S.O.N.S ‎– Shin-Okubo One Night Stand 2x12 (Ambient / Techno) sold out on per-order


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Tracklist: A1. The Dawn A2. Drum 03 (ft. Dude F) B1. Falling Apart B2. Lifetimes (Odyssey I Mix) C1. Oblivion Sun C2. Okubo (Tokyo Decadence Mix) D. The Prophecy S.O.N.S is back with a second instalment of the "T.O.K.Y.O" series. This time it is a double 12" called Shinjuku One Night Stand. "Including Authentic Electro Tek with Dark Vocals, Beach Samples, Trance Drums, sensitive jams, and a subtle jungle feel." according to the sticker on the cover.
Label: S.O.N.S