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Maruwa/Liquid Night EP


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Maruwa bows at the altar of ‘90s prog house and IDM. Classically trained as a pianist, the St. Petersburg born Frankfurt based artist has made it her mission to join the dots between big room rave and a decidedly off-planet approach to melody. Now, making a debut for X-Kalay, that journey continues... ‘Liquid Night’ genuinely sounds like something you might have heard during Love Parade’s golden era. Meshing noirish sci-fi atmosphere with trance synths and EBM flex, the shadowy territory it occupies also carries through to A2’s ‘Midnight Caller’. That said, the followup cut evokes an essence of ‘90s dancefloor utopia, balancing euphoric melodrama with tough, propulsive NRG.

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Label: X-Kalay