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S.a.m/Delaphine 011


  • $35.00

S.A.M. is back on their own Delaphine label after a four year hibernation period. The leading cut ‘Project050’ comes in two version, a Studio Version and a Live Mix. The foundation is a grooving 12bit 909 pattern that’s as crisp as it’s phat. Combed in between the syncopes of the groove are layers of acidic and resonant tones padded with swelling chords lifting you in and out of the metaphysical. Second track ‘Ha’ reveals references within a wide range of dance music history from early Derrick Carter-esque beats and 90’s dub techno to organ Melodies and UKG sub bass-lines. The transient beats work like tent poles for the thriving and continuously evolving melodic culture growing underneath. S.A.M. is showing a drive and a ferocity with this EP that speaks to an interesting 10th year of Delaphine

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Label: Delaphine