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Mall Grab – “Understand” [Feat. Turnstile’s Brendan Yates] [2xLP] [Out August 5th]

Looking for Trouble

  • $58.00

Mall Grab is Jordon Alexander, an adventurous Australian-born dance producer who’s based in London. Two years ago, Mall Grab got together with Turnstile, the best band in the world right now, to release Share A View, an album where Mall Grab reworked a bunch of the tracks from Turnstile’s great 2018 album Time & Space. Today, Mall Grab has announced his debut album, and he’s also shared a new collaboration with Turnstile frontman Brendan Yates. A 1 Mall Grab Hand In Hand Through Wonderland 5.27   2 Mall Grab I Can Remember It So Vividly 4.28   3 Mall Grab Love Reigns 4.54           B 1 Mall Grab, Brendan Yates, Turnstile Understand 3.44   2 Mall Grab, Nia Archives Patience 4.17 3 Mall Grab, Jordon Alexander Without The Sun 4.26   4 Mall Grab Spirit Wave 5.16           C 1 Mall Grab Breathing 4.47   2 Mall Grab Intercity Relations 4.46   3 Mall Grab, Novelist, D Double E Time Change 3.04                     D 1 Mall Grab Distant Conversation 5.17   2 Mall Grab Metaphysical 5.03   3 Mall Grab, Jordon Alexander Lost in Harajuku 4.36

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Label: Looking for Trouble