Blondie -Heart Of Glass EP (6-track 12' limited edition EP remixes, demo versions and unreleased alternative version. TIP!!


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6-track 12' limited edition EP 1 smash hit single, originally from Blondie's breakthrough hit album 'Parallel Lines' Features remixes, demo versions and unreleased alternative version. This release is the first trailer for the definitive Blondie box set to be released in 2019 The song that burst Blondie out of the bowels of the Bowery to #1 on the charts, 'Heart of Glass' was the pivotal moment in punk's choreographed slam-dance with the mainstream. Inspired by Kraftwerk and Giorgio Moroder, Blondie transformed their campy 'Once I Had A Love' into a Roland-driven juggernaut and never looked back. Explored and exploded via six distinct versions remastered from the original analogue tapes, the history of 'Heart of Glass' is documented here in a copious essay and its art reimagined by noted American illustrator Shepard Fairey. "With me it's a psychic thing that has to do with the beat. The 4/4 heartbeat rhythm has a calming effect on the listener. It's popular because it's biological." Debbie Harry
Label: UMC