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Bakey , Papa Nugs , Ansza & Phasmid - GAB Presents: The 0113 Enquiry

Gimme A Break

  • $29.00

Gimme A Break Records is extremely excited to present its first vinyl release featuring four talented Leeds-based producers. With the support of the charitable music initiative Launchpad, through both mentoring and funding, alongside physical and digital distribution with Lobster Theremin we are delighted to continue to represent and support the forward-thinking electronic music coming out of the North of England. The record’s A-side features a funk-influenced number from Bakey who continues to develop his distinctive sound off the back of his sensational releases on Shall Not Fade’s sub-label Time Is Now and recent collaboration with Sam Binga and Redders. Following his outstanding debut EP on Ba Dum Tish, Papa Nugs’ ‘Honey’ sustains his characteristically playful sampling, accompanied by crunching UKG rhythms and wobbling basslines.

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Label: Gimme A Break