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Roy Rosenfeld -Force Major EP

Lost & Found

  • $30.00

The eighty-sixth edition by one of the globally most advanced labels, Lost and Found, manages to deliver cutting-edge material. Roy Rosenfeld is a name synonymous with musical innovation. His top studio skills and infinite source of ideas make Rosenfeld irreplaceable in the world of contemporary club sound. Roy always hits the right emotional spot for the partygoers, and this release only proves that statement one more time. The digital two-track recording delivers Force Major and Skyhook! Both masterpieces and future classics reveal the proficiency of Roy's otherworldly mind. Every one of the tracks represents its side of the coin, musically satisfying the needs of critics and the fan base. By keeping the elegant balance between abstract and melodic vibes, Rosenfeld accomplishes the excitement without a trace of distasteful false emotions. Roy takes care of every little detail, making every nanosecond of the music equally important. What makes the vinyl version of the release more significant is the second track of the B-side. Otro! A jewel from his mini-album Phase is a bonus for the enhanced pleasure! Enjoy!

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Label: Lost & Found