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Bhasmantan/96 [mid 90s the Italian dance scene]

Ultimo Tango

  • $45.00

Bhasmantan - as this body is turned to ash - is the moniker of elusive artist Giuseppe Piol. In the mid 90s the Italian dance scene was evolving, steering away from the usual Dream House formula, changing and adapting to new sounds and new ideas. Like other fellow electronic music producers, Piol at the time was going through a “psychonautic” period of his life, experimenting simultaneously with new hardware in the studio and psychoactive substances at illegal rave parties. This whirlpool of stimulating experiences gave light to one of the most sophisticated and esoteric Italian techno records, the namesake Bhasmantan #3 (published originally by Spock in 1996). We are happy to give light again to this extremely sought-after treasure, a transcendent journey from hard stomping acid techno to introspective dreamy downtempo that has no similar.

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Label: Ultimo Tango